Here's the deal:

Your creative business should support your dream life.

But all too often, our creative businesses that were designed to bring more freedom to our lives, start to take over our lives.

Welcome to Out of Office Entrepreneur

Here at Out of Office Entrepreneur, we help overwhelmed service providers (just like you!) simplify their businesses by cutting out everything that doesn't serve them and automating all the boring stuff to speed up their work.

The result? 20-hour (or less) workweeks while still making bank.

(No team required!)

It's time to say goodbye to working nights and weekends, and say hello to the freedom your creative business can offer!

Let's get you OOO, ASAP.

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Awww, shucks!

Amanda Creek

“Everything that I've purchased from Erin has been outstanding; from her courses to the one-on-one coaching.

I've really appreciated how Erin has gone above and beyond to serve her clients.

Erin has made me feel like a VIP all the way! I know my business is better from working with her."

– Amanda Creek

Brad Hussey

“Erin’s down-to-earth approach to teaching the business side of freelancing is refreshing and straightforward.

Not only do I send my own students to Erin for freelancing business advice, I often see results from utilizing Erin’s advice in my own business!

Both online and in-person, Erin is fun and engaging, and her passion for her craft and her students is quite clear."

- Brad Hussey, Code College


"Whenever I feel stuck, I know the right person to call to find great valuable advice.

Erin always helps me clarify my ideas and gives me the energy to move forward. Her tips and advice are always spot on.

Erin is the kind of person I wouldn't hesitate to recommend if you need business advice."

- Chrys, Calliframe

Erin Flynn, on top of a mountain

Who am I, anyhow?

Hey, I'm Erin.

I've been a creative entrepreneur since 2012, and know what it's like to have your business take over your life.

I've done the hustle, burned out, tore my business apart, and put it back together--a few times!

In 2015 I finally learned the secret formula that cut my workweeks in half and made my business more profitable than ever.

I cut my work hours in half again when I had my kid in 2020.

Now I work just 10 hours a week, making far more than I would have thought possible.

Wanna do the same? You're in the right place.