raise your hand if...

You're working harder than ever before

You created your business with the idea that you'd have more freedom, but find yourself glued to your computer 24/7 and missing out on enjoying your life.

This isn't how it has to be.

Erin and her Toddler, teaching at her desk

Now raise your hand if...

You're ready to have more freedom with your creative business

Got your hand as high as possible in the air?

It's time to make (big!) changes in your business, so that you're no longer glued to your computer and stuck on the hustle hamster wheel.

You're ready to create a successful, simple, and sustainable creative business, so that you can take a REAL vacation and leave your laptop at home, or log out and spend quality time with your family.

Here are the three criteria your OOO business needs to meet:


One Vision

An OOO business supports your unique vision of success, not what success means to others.


Only Part-Time

An OOO business can be run on only 20 hours a week, or less! (Very often, much less!)


On Vacation

An OOO business makes money all the time, even when you’re on vacation or unable to work.

See what we did with the Os there?

Are you ready? Let's do this.

Erin Flynn

Hey, I'm Erin.

I help creative business owners make more money without working more.

Not so long ago I was like you. Working constantly. Answering phone calls from clients on Sunday mornings. Staying up late to meet deadlines. Dragging my computer with me on vacation. Constantly checking my phone. Checking emails at my own damn wedding.

It took me several years to figure it out. That I didn't have to chase every shiny object, do all the things, or even hire a team to run a successful business.

Instead of scaling up like most of my peers were doing, I scaled everything BACK, cutting down to just what gave me my best results and made me happy.

The result? I now run a six-figure business while working just a 10-hour work week, leaving me plenty of time to travel and play with my husband and toddler.

You CAN design a creative business that lights you up and makes a great income, without being glued to your desk.

I want to help you do just that.

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How is this possible?

Intentionally designed

A creative business that can be run on 20 hours a week (or less!) doesn't happen by accident.

I've designed a 3-part system (conveniently named OOO) that can be used and reviewed multiple times a year to keep my business on track with my goals. Even if they change.

1. One Vision

First, I defined what success meant to me--planning my income as well as how I wanted to live my life. Then I narrowed my business down to what was giving me the best results and cut out everything else.

2. Only Part-Time

From there, I systematized the heck out of everything that I needed to actively do in my business. This ensured great quality work and happy clients, while reducing my time at my desk.

4. On Vacation

Finally, I was able to set up automations and income streams that make me money whether I'm out of office for a day of toddler wrangling, a week of family vacation, or even months of maternity leave.

The result:

A creative business I could run on 10 hours a week, leaving me plenty of time for my family and travel.

I want this for you too.

a collage of Erin Flynn on vacation

It's your turn

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