How to work 10 hours a week in your creative business

a behind the scenes look at my 10-hour workweek

A behind the scenes look at how I only work 10 hours a week and still hit my goals Think you need to work 40+ hours a week to run a creative business? Believe you’ll only be successful if you keep the hustle up 24/7/365? Think it’s impossible to only work 10 hours a week…

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BTS: My rebrand to Out of Office Entrepreneur

why i rebranded my business

OMG, another rebrand?! If you’ve been here for a while, you know that I just rebranded from my name (Erin Flynn) to Successfully Simple two years ago. So you might be wondering WHY another change in name? What the heck is going on? Let’s dive into the why and how of my rebrand to Out…

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How to plan for time off in your creative business

Transcript: Erin Flynn: Hey there, Erin here, and I know that as an entrepreneur, it can be really difficult to step away from your computer. I was even checking emails at my wedding, so I definitely know how hard it can be to go on vacation or take a break and not be glued to…

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How to run your creative business on limited time

Sometimes, life gets busy. And as creative business owners, we end up having to cut our work hours drastically in order to fit all of life in. While it may seem impossible, it’s actually not! In today’s episode we’re breaking down how our experts would spend their time in their business with just ONE hour…

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Why you need to invest in your creative business

Investing in your creative business can seem unnecessary, or even scary. After all, as a creative business owner you’re used to doing things on your own, and what if end up wasting money? In today’s episode we’re diving into why it’s important to sometimes put aside the DIY attitude in order to level up your…

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Behind the scenes: our hardest business decisions

Making tough decisions is part of running a business. That doesn’t make them any easier! Find out the hardest business decisions our experts have ever made by tuning in to today’s episode! This season’s experts: Transcript: Erin Flynn: Hey there, Erin here. One of the things that we all face as business owners are lots…

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