How to create a simple and sustainable business

Do you have a sustainable business? In today’s online entrepreneur world, you’re told to HUSTLE. If you’re not hustling, you’re doing it wrong. Working until 2am is a badge of honor, because it brings you closer and closer to that elusive and arbitrary 6-figure income. In this world there’s a constant need to keep adding…

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Toxic client avatars to avoid in your creative business

avoid toxic clients in your business

Toxic clients ain’t no thang to to joke about, and unfortunately, most don’t even talk about it. Everyone talks about the good stuff: How successful they are, because they have clients out the wahzoo. How they’re making so much moolah. But the truth is: A toxic client can make or break your business and especially…

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How to plan your ideal week in your creative business

plan your ideal week

What does your ideal week look like? As a creative business owner, you get to decide what your ideal week looks like. Whether it’s working a regular 8-5, a 3-day work schedule, or cramming in work while your kiddo naps. Now, “ideal” may not happen every week. Things come up and things change. But overall, …

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How to get booked out in your creative business

how to get booked out in your creative business

Are you ready to get booked out? I hope so! Because I’ve got a simple way to get booked out in your creative business. As creative entrepreneurs, we have ALL gone through the feast and famine cycle. Either swamped with client projects (systems can help with that), or starving for work. But what if I…

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