5 Canned email templates you need in your creative business

canned email templates

Do you find that you’re repeating yourself ALL THE TIME in your emails? Early on in my business I felt like I was always in my inbox, saying the same thing over and over again to clients and potential clients. It was exhausting. Sound familiar? If yes, you need to be using canned emails, or…

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Three things you must do in your client onboarding process

you must do these 3 things when onboarding new clients!

Did you know that how you onboard your clients can be just as important as the project you deliver? Seriously! Why? Because if your client onboarding process is letting you down, you’ll start the project off on the wrong foot, and may never be able to recover from it! This can lead to creating nightmare…

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How to easily manage your leads and clients

Hey everyone, I’m Kendra, and I’m teaming up with Erin at Successfully Simple to talk about something that we often overlook in our businesses. And I wonder if you can pick up what that is. There may be a few things that you’re thinking about, that you may specifically need to be working on in…

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The best Intro Packet format for your business

what is the best way to make your intro packet?

You know you need an Intro Packet to streamline your client screening and onboarding… but you’re hung up on how to create it. What’s the best intro packet format? Should it be a PDF? A web page? A video? There are so many great options, it can be hard to decide. And not making a…

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10 Incredible time-saving tools for your creative business

10 time-saving tools

You shouldn’t be running your creative business without these time-saving tools! I love saving time in my creative business. I love time-saving tools. Who doesn’t?! I also love seeing where other business owners spend their money (I’m nosy like that). These are my favorite time-saving tools because they’ve more than paid for themselves in cutting…

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