What to say when a client wants free work

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what to say when a client wants free work

Ever have a client or potential client come to you wanting free work?

It’s not uncommon at all! Here’s a question I got from one of my readers:

“What do you say when a client breaks their website months after launch and wants you to fix it for free?

But free work AFTER a project isn’t the only time freelancers are expected to work for free. Many clients will expect us to do work as a “trial” or for “exposure.”

Even if they promise future work, this is a sign that they don’t respect you or your time, so if you choose to go forward you need to proceed with caution!

After falling for a few of these requests early on in my business, I can say that in my experience, they have always lead to more requests for free work, and never any paid work. Your mileage may vary.

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You don’t have to explain why you won’t work for free

If you choose not to work for free, you don’t owe anyone an explanation.

You’re running a business. Businesses make money. If someone doesn’t understand that, they’re going to be a terrible client!

And if they’re a past client coming back for free work after the project has ended, you need to put an end to that by wrapping up your projects with a clear ending, and saying no to ongoing, unpaid support.

I include in my contracts that I’m not responsible for maintaining their website or any changes they make–I recommend getting that in your contracts if you don’t have it already!

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Here are two quick email scripts you can copy+paste:

Option One – Freelancers die from exposure

Hi [NAME],

Thanks for your interest in my services, but at this time I am unable to work for free or for exposure. If you would like to hire me, a rough quote for this project would be $____ – $____.

Please let me know if you’d like to move forward, and I’ll send you an official quote.



Option Two – When something breaks months after you launched it

Hi [NAME],

I checked out your [WEBSITE] and see what you’re talking about–I’d be happy to help at my hourly rate of $____. I’d estimate the fix to cost $____. 

I also offer monthly retainers if you’d like regular maintenance and support. Let me know if you’re interested. 

Once I have the okay from you (just respond to this email), I’ll schedule the fix and shoot you over an invoice!



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