5 Books to refresh your creative business for the New Year (or any time!)

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Refresh your creative business

Is it time to refresh your creative business?

You can’t quite put your finger on it (or maybe you can!) but your business just isn’t working for you the way that it used to. It might be your offers, your marketing, the hours you’re working, or all of the above. Your business needs a refresh.

I make it a habit to review and refresh my business every November/December in preparation for the New Year, but make adjustments as needed throughout the year too.

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite books that I keep going back to again and again any time I feel like my business needs a refresh. Whether you’re prepping for a New Year, doing a mid-year review, or needing a refresh at any point, these books will help!

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Chill and Prosper

Are you running your business or is your business running you?

If you’re looking to chill out in your business, Denise Duffield-Thomas has written this book for you!

Unlearn what you think you know about running a business and become a chillpreneur in this powerful read.

Successfully Simple®

Ready for a complete business overhaul?

More than just a book, this workbook is designed to help you take immediate action in your business and redesign any aspects that don’t support your unique vision of success.

This is the exact framework I follow every year to refresh and realign my business so that it works for me and the life I want to live.

Successfully Simple Workbook

The 1-Page Marketing Plan

Does your marketing need a makeover? Want a marketing plan you can actually stick to?

This one-page plan is perfect! This is a quick and actionable read that will help you get a stick-with-able marketing plan together quickly so that you can stop spinning your wheels and start marketing with confidence.

Built to Sell

Are you the only one who can run your business?

Whether you have plans of ever selling–or not–Built to Sell will change the way you run your business. (I especially recommend this book for service providers!)

Learn how and why to create a replicable process that frees up time in your business and allows others to do the work–whether that means selling your business, hiring help, or simply getting someone to step in for you while you go on maternity leave!


Ready to get clients lined up waiting to work with you?

Then you need to be Oversubscribed!

Learn how to stop chasing customers, and transform your business into one that clients can’t wait to throw their money at.

This book is 100% the reason I’m still getting demands from people to make websites for them, even though I’ve been trying to retire from web design for over two years. So maybe read it at your own risk!

Refresh your creative business!

No matter what time of year it is, if your business needs a refresh, start with one (or all) of these books. Each one will change the way you run your creative business, for the better.

So go get reading!

Get Successfully Simple Now!

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