Toxic client avatars to avoid in your creative business

avoid toxic clients in your business

Toxic clients ain’t no thang to to joke about, and unfortunately, most don’t even talk about it. Everyone talks about the good stuff: How successful they are, because they have clients out the wahzoo. How they’re making so much moolah. But the truth is: A toxic client can make or break your business and especially…

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Create an intro packet to automate your client screening and onboarding

create an intro packet, step-by-step

Updated 10/7/2020. Originally published on January 27, 2016. Want to automate your client screening and onboarding? Going back and forth with potential clients takes FOR-EV-ER. You have to explain your policies, what you need from the client, and how long the project will take. And you haven’t even gotten them to sign a contract…

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