The Friday email you NEED to be sending to your clients

the Friday email

Did you know you can impress your clients and keep your projects running smoothly with a two-minute Friday email? The Friday Email is one of the easiest things you can implement in your creative service-based business to improve your client experience and keep everything running smoothly. Imagine this: you’re happily plugging along on a client…

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Three things you must do in your client onboarding process

you must do these 3 things when onboarding new clients!

Did you know that how you onboard your clients can be just as important as the project you deliver? Seriously! Why? Because if your client onboarding process is letting you down, you’ll start the project off on the wrong foot, and may never be able to recover from it! This can lead to creating nightmare…

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How to plan for time off in your creative business

Transcript: Erin Flynn: Hey there, Erin here, and I know that as an entrepreneur, it can be really difficult to step away from your computer. I was even checking emails at my wedding, so I definitely know how hard it can be to go on vacation or take a break and not be glued to…

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How to run your creative business on limited time

Sometimes, life gets busy. And as creative business owners, we end up having to cut our work hours drastically in order to fit all of life in. While it may seem impossible, it’s actually not! In today’s episode we’re breaking down how our experts would spend their time in their business with just ONE hour…

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Why you need to invest in your creative business

Investing in your creative business can seem unnecessary, or even scary. After all, as a creative business owner you’re used to doing things on your own, and what if end up wasting money? In today’s episode we’re diving into why it’s important to sometimes put aside the DIY attitude in order to level up your…

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How to easily manage your leads and clients

Hey everyone, I’m Kendra, and I’m teaming up with Erin at Successfully Simple to talk about something that we often overlook in our businesses. And I wonder if you can pick up what that is. There may be a few things that you’re thinking about, that you may specifically need to be working on in…

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